Brand Relaunch, Strategy and Creative Direction for Consumer Paint Brand

Contracted to help an online contemporary interior paint brand whose business goal was to be the first supplier with green credentials to offer a premium fire-retardant emulsion. Two years after its launch, the brand was failing to make an impact in the sector. Brand awareness and sales remained low, and subsequently arriving at ‘make’ or ‘break’ time. The business had reached crunch point and had to decided whether to keep going or pull the plug.

Integrated Launch Campaign for Consumer Paint Brand

After softly re-launching and testing the Paint Brand to the Trade at a well-known industry Exhibition click here to see the first part of the project. The final stage of the project was to implement an Integrated Marketing Communications Launch Campaign aimed at its primary audience, female consumers.

Marketing Strategy for a Tech Firm

The CEO and Business Partner of a SME Tech Firm approached me as he was struggling with Marketing the business. The day to day running of the business had taken over and there was no Marketing Strategy, team, or support in place. Plus, all promotional and Marketing activities to date, had been led by the Sales Team. He also wanted someone with Marketing knowledge and experience that he could rely on for advice when it came to effectively marketing the business, and future direction.